PelleFirm Treatment in Granville, OH

If You Are Looking to Achieve Firmer Skin and Slim Down Your Body, Look No Further Than Midwest Dermatology. Our Experts Use Advanced Radiofrequency Technology in our PelleFirm Treatment in Granville, OH. Call (740) 218-5088 and Let Us Show You How You Can Achieve the Results You Desire.

PelleFirm Treatment in Granville, OH

PelleFirm is a non-invasive radiofrequency technology designed to break up and reduce the cellulite in your body resulting in firmer skin and a slimmer and sleeker look. PelleFirm heats the skin deep into the tissue to break up fat so your body can safely and effectively get rid of your cellulite through its own natural process.

How does PelleFirm work?

PelleFirm uses heat and radiofrequency technology to gently massage the body similar to having a hot stone massage. This massaging effect helps your body break down and remove unwanted cellulite through its own natural process. This non-invasive procedure is safe and effective in assisting patients with losing and destroying unwanted fat cells.

What can I expect?

You will feel a soothing heat sensation throughout the course of the procedure. Patients often describe the feeling as similar to getting a hot stone massage. Redness is common after the procedure and will go away within a short period of time. This safe and effective treatment allows you to continue your normal daily activities immediately after completion with no downtime.

How many treatments are needed?

The amount of treatments depends on the patient and the goals they are looking to achieve. Your dermatologist will create a custom series of treatments tailored to you. Usually you will start off with bi-weekly treatments until the desired result is achieved and then go to regular maintenance treatments every 6 months, so you don’t lose the results you achieved.

PelleFirm treatment in Granville, OH is one of the highest consumer ranked cellulite reduction treatments today. Many of our patients have started to see their desired results in as few as 3 – 5 treatments. Call Midwest Dermatology at (740) 218-5088 to talk to one of our expert dermatologists today about how you can get the body you’ve always wanted.