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Your Look at Midwest Dermatology Centre in Granville, OH

Your Look at Midwest Dermatology Centre in Granville, OH

At Midwest Dermatology Centre We Are Dedicated to Helping You Achieve The Look You Want. Call or Book an Appointment Online.

Your Look at Midwest Dermatology Centre in Granville, OH
Your Look at Midwest Dermatology Centre in Granville, OH

Personally dedicated to your excellent results

While Dr. Woofter has credentials that inspire confidence, what our patients appreciate most about her is the one-on-one attention and compassion she offers. Dr. Woofter combines the excellent qualities you want in your doctor with the caring, personal touch you deserve.

Visits with Dr. Woofter are relaxed and totally focused on you. You’ll talk together about your health history and the concerns you have for your skin. Dr. Woofter will perform a thorough evaluation and take the time to understand your needs. For Dr. Woofter, getting to know you as an individual is important for giving you the best care, and it’s key to helping you feel comfortable with her personally.

For the youthful, healthy look you want.

When you seek the care of a dermatologist, you want serious results.

Dr. Woofter offers a few select cosmetic treatments, trusted because they’re so effective and patient-friendly.

If you have wrinkles, sun damage, age spots or other imperfections, talk with Dr. Woofter. With plenty of communication and her good judgment as a physician, she can educate you about the options that are best for you. Dr. Woofter offers:

JetPeel facial rejuvenation – An innovative treatment that gently infuses the skin with oxygen, sterile saline and – if it’s right for you – specific vitamins into the skin to stimulate collagen growth and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. JetPeel leaves the skin soft and smooth and requires no downtime.

Harmony™ IPL – This versatile intense-pulsed-light technology provides gentle, highly effective treatment for a variety of cosmetic concerns. Dr. Woofter uses it to tighten the skin, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and age spots and to treat acne, rosacea and unwanted hair.

Harmony is more gentle and economical than most laser treatments, making it a preferred choice for our patients who want a practical, effective way to dramatically improve their skin.

Botox and Restylane – Dr. Woofter provides these popular injectable wrinkle treatments herself, with your absolute comfort in mind. Depending on the areas of the face you want to see improved, Dr. Woofter can recommend Botox or Restylane.