Skin Treatment for Diabetics in Granville, OH

If You Suffer From Diabetes and the Side Effects Caused by It, Midwest Dermatology Has Skin Treatment for Diabetics in Granville, OH. Our Experts Have Knowledge in How to Treat a Variety of Skin Conditions Associated With Diabetes. Call (740) 218-5088 for More Information.

Skin Treatment for Diabetics in Granville, OH

Good skincare is essential to everyone’s health. However, for patients with diabetes, proper skincare is even more important. At Midwest Dermatology in Granville, OH, we offer comprehensive care for diabetic patients with related skin conditions. Our compassionate and highly-educated skincare experts offer precise diagnosis and effective treatment that can ensure your skin stays healthy.

How can I care for my skin at home if I have diabetes?

Patients who have been diagnosed with diabetes may think that maintaining a healthy diet and active lifestyle, while managing their blood sugar levels is all they need to do. While controlling your diabetes is certainly essential to protecting your health, having this chronic disease can also make you more susceptible to other issues, including certain skin conditions. If you have diabetes, it is important for you to be extremely vigilant of your skin and its health to prevent more serious problems in the future. You should avoid extreme temperatures when bathing, and make sure you dry your skin thoroughly afterward. Use a gentle moisturizer and mild soap, and make sure to check your skin frequently for any changes including red spots, sores, or blisters, as these could result in infection. If you have a cut, it is important to treat it immediately.

What skin issues are most common in people with diabetes?

Patients with diabetes are more susceptible to developing severe dry skin. When skin is not properly hydrated, it can become painful and itchy, or even split open and lead to infection. This is why proper moisturization is one of the most important aspects of defending your skin from more serious conditions. Patients with diabetes are also more prone to developing vitiligo, a skin pigmentation condition, and scleroderma diabeticorum, which can cause thickening of the skin on the neck and back. If you have diabetic neuropathy, you may be more susceptible to diabetic blisters or sties. Diabetic patients are also more vulnerable to certain types of bacterial and fungal infections. In addition to checking your overall skin health regularly, you should inspect your feet closely for any changes, rashes, or sores. Issues on the feet can be more difficult to notice if you have neuropathy and because diabetes can negatively impact your circulation.

What are shin spots?

Diabetic dermopathy, more commonly called shin spots, causes areas of discoloration that appear on the legs. They can also appear as lines and will create a very small depression in the skin. Shin spots are typically reddish or brown in color. Unfortunately, because they do not cause pain, these spots are often dismissed as age spots and nothing to be concerned about. However, these spots can be an indicator of early diabetes and should be evaluated by a doctor. While shin spots typically appear on the shins, they may become evident on other parts of the body as well and will typically appear scaly in appearance before flattening. These spots will usually dissipate on their own over a period of several months to several years, depending on the individual. Patients who develop shin spots will typically require further management of their blood sugar levels, as they tend to appear in tandem with ineffectively controlled glucose levels.

If you are diabetic and require treatment for your skin, contact Midwest Dermatology in Granville, OH today. Our dedicated dermatologists can help you properly care for your skin to ensure your continued health.